Kina Group’s CEO, Kofi Nsiah-Poku, as well as Kinapharma and HealthiLife Beverages consistently lend time and resources to various causes and groups. These efforts include capacity building for chemical sellers unions annually across the country, Easter and holiday soup kitchens, sponsorship of the Ghana Special Olympics team and health screening in inner city neighborhoods. These ongoing acts of corporate citizenship equal more than $200,000 annually in cash and products.

Health, wellness and inter-sectarian harmony are equally important to Nsiah-Poku and his numerous businesses’ corporate conscience.

In Kofi Nsiah-Poku’s own words, “I have always been a better than average paying employer and my staff rarely leave. For me, fraud and physical abuse excepting, an employee must never be fired. It may not be good hard-nosed business practice but it’s very humane.” Keen to bridge the commonplace gap between productivity and reward, Kina Group companies are more results oriented and less fixated with academic qualifications alone when hiring.