Strategic Direction

The Kina Group’s initial goal was to become the largest indigenous manufacturer and marketer of quality, reliable and affordable food and medicines across West Africa via Kinapharma and HealthiLife Beverages. Internal industrial, technical and marketing expertise and has been the vanguard of the Kina Group’s strength and leadership position. In fact, the quality of Kinapharma’s internal R&D, distribution and marketing competence remains unparalleled and is still growing.

The companies’ direct footprint is always being pushed. Currently it includes full presence in Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia and Sierra Leone with distribution business across Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger.

Part of the ongoing growth and pursuit of quality is based on consulting with entities that can increase Kinapharma’s credibility and knowledge base. This has included working with the World Health Organization, The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and several ministries of health from The Gambia to Papua New Guinea.

Kinapharma is undoubtedly the first large-scale indigenous manufacturer of pharmaceuticals to embrace modern marketing and advertising. Moreover, the Kina Group and its numerous products keep a very strong presence in the media. Kinapharma is the very first Ghanaian company to sponsor the local Football Premier League. The Kinapharma Premier League was a shock and awe strategy that has more than paid off in this soccer-loving part of the world. On radio and TV, the Group’s OTC and Beverage brand commercials and campaigns are ever-present and always refreshing, impacting greatly on the brands’ performance and recognition.

Kinapharma’s APC, Martins Liver Salt, Finelife Blood Tonic and Kwick Action are arguably the highest grossing OTC bouquet – imported and local combined. Eulogized in songs, award winning Rap musicians recommend “taking a Kinapharma regardless of your ailment.”

Surviving in business in this part of the world is hard enough; Growing, diversifying and increasingly expanding sustainably is an even greater challenge. The challenges on the journey to success are fundamental to the Kina Group story.

Motivated by the inner desire to do even more, Kina Group continues getting better with newer products, better standards, growing bigger and impacting even more persons in more countries.