Kinapharma has always been at the forefront of local Pharma innovations, improvisations and initiatives, pioneering the very first malaria patient compliance therapy of Kinaquine 442 for adults and 221 for juniors and infants. This was several years ahead of the then existing malaria treatment regime (Chloroquine was then 10 tablets as against Kinapharma’s re-formulated 3 tablets) resistance was reduced and treatment became more effective.

HealthiLife Beverages founded in 2008 makes its own brands of several juices, juice drinks and milk including bottled Soya Milk made exclusively from soya beans locally grown in Ghana’s northern regions as well as contract manufacturing for Coca Cola bottling Company and others. Here, among many innovations, Kina Group’s HealthiLife pioneered the first locally produced non-sugar based drink for kids in a Tetra Pak. The Namio Soya project has guaranteed over one thousand small holder farmers healthy seeds, ploughing and harvesting support as well a ready market after each year’s harvest.